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Lisa Maywood
Stained glass is unusual among the arts because of its direct relationship with light. When light passes through colored glass, different values, textures, and densities combine to form an extraordinary palette. Explore this magic by creating your own unique leaded stained glass panel. Students will complete one or more 2-dimensional panels that will transform any room or space. Please bring drawing materials (paper, t-square, pencils, ruler, eraser, masking tape) to the first class. Other supplies on your materials list will then be discussed.
Monday 1 - 4pm
or 6 - 9pm

7 Week Fee:
$250 + Lab Fee: $45
14 Week Fee:
$420 + Lab Fee: $45
Stained Glass
Stained Glass Image 1
Student Testimonial:
"I just wanted to take a moment to let you know what a wonderful teacher Lisa Maywood is. I thoroughly enjoyed her stained glass class. Her enthusiasm for the art of stained glass is contagious and she goes above and beyond in helping her students learn. She is a real treasure. I count myself lucky to have taken her class.
All the best, Annie Evans" March 25, 2007