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Introduction to Creative Writing: Images, character, and Narrative by Design
Seth Slater
Discover the writer within you and produce poems and mini-stories you never knew you could. This introduction to the basics of image-based creative writing uses a step-by-step approach to imagining believable characters and setting them into dynamic action through easy-to-understand narrative structure.

Since ancient times, words have helped humanity celebrate our triumphs, mourn tragic losses, probe our fears, and revel in our follies. Even today, the written word is all around us - even if it doesn't always seem like it.

Our most popular modern poetry comes to us in the form of song lyrics packaged in CD's, while some of our most powerful modern narratives are viewed by the public on movie screens rather than in bound books. But written words always lie behind the magic.

Visual artists understand, as few others can, the ways in which images beguile the mind and ensure the senses. But you needn't be a visual artist to unleash the creative poet and story-teller within.

Learn to create your own magic as well as to experience, influence, and be influenced by the creative magic of others. Join us for an artistic journey in becoming a narrative story-teller by design.


"I always had great ideas, but could never put them I can guide myself."

"I loved this class...Seth's teaching style is brilliant."

"Now I have the tools to create a good story out of anything."


Seth Slater
Friday 10:00 am - 1:00 pm

7 Week Fee:
14 Week Fee

Introduction to Creative Writing