Kris Finch was born and raised in San Diego's East County. At an early age Kris' artistic talents were noticed by his friends, family, and teachers, all of which encouraged him to keep drawing. Kris furthered his artistic education at the prestigious Watts Atelier of the Arts in Encinitas, California, where he studied classical portrait techniques under the great figurative artists Jeff Wattsand Ron Lemen.  Kris stayed at Watts Atelier for three years and then began to take classes at the San Diego Art Department (SDAD).  It was at SDAD where his instructor admitted to complementing Kris' work rather than offering help or constructive criticism.  At this moment Kris realized he had a talent that he could share with others and decided he would pursue a career in teaching. 

In the summer of 2009, Kris became an art instructor at the seasonal art camp, Carlsbad Art Farm in Carlsbad, California.  That same year he also became the new oil painting instructor at the SDAD.  His oil painting class soon received much attention from the local art community, and by word of mouth his class became sold out session after session.   Due to the demand, his class offerings were increased to include Advanced Drawing and Figure Drawing.  In addition, he also began teaching a painting course at the Fine Art School, The Athenaeum. In just four years after he began his career as a teacher, Kris was teaching more sold out courses than any other instructor at the institution.  Kris firmly believes that anyone can learn how to paint with proper technique, knowledge and patience.  His student's often attribute their ease of learning to his upbeat personality, positive attitude, and strong knowledge of classical painting and drawing skills.  

Kris has completed many public, private, and corporate commissions all throughout Southern California.  His work has appeared in The Wall Street Journal and The State Journal Register.  It also made a brief appearance on The Learning Channel's television show, Bride by Design.  In 2015 Kris was one of twenty selected from thousands of entries for the 2014/2015 Portraits Art Exhibition from Artist Portfolio Magazine.   

He spends his spare time studying the great works of John Singer SargentWilliam BouguereauNorman RockwellJoaquin SorollaRichard Schmid, and Mian Situ.  He currently resides in the city of San Diego with his wife Theresa.

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